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All that Glitzes*
Artwork and scans ©2009 Yogi Grunwald
Editing by Suzanne Cannon
from the online class, October 7, 2009 at Quietfire Creations
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Useful Items for working with Glitter

Glitter Magnet


Shortie Pipettes

Mini- Misters

Pour boats


Rubber Stamps used in this class:




Ed Note: Yogi took a class with Haroldine Wingfield & Deanna Pannell (originators of the Burnished Velvet Technique) in the spring of 2009.
In her usual style Yogi then went on tangents, incorporating the burnishing technique and expanding it with these techniques.



1. Silent Night


  1. Cut a piece of white cardstock approx size wanted (about 1/4 larger on all sides than the stencil design area) Cover completely with Sookwang tape.
  2. Use 2 pieces of 2.5" wide tape, sticking the first one down, removing the release paper and overlapping the second piece, so there are no gaps in the tape.
  3. Lay stencil (Bare Trees) on top. Randomly sprinkle the Ritz Micro Fine glitter "Royal Blue" (lighter blue), "Blue Teal" (dark blue), and a touch of the "Black".
  4. Rub and merged glitter with finger till they are nicely blended and stuck to the tape. (don't put a lot of glitter down - you can always add more) As you have all three colors working together, you won't be able to put that back in the jar. Don't forget to have a small container for excess mixed glitters. Now this is VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure to clean the stencil and glitter area free from ALL loose glitter. Brush off most of it, then use a paper towel that you lightly misted with water, to remove the rest.
  5. Removing Template from tape The tape is very strong so there is a real resistance when you are removing it. Turn stencil down with paper facing up. Peel off the edge until you get the separation happening, then using the ruler to keep the stencil flat, pressing down on the ruler as you gently remove the paper.

    Tim Holtz Ruler here

    Keep moving the ruler so it's very close to the separation between paper and stencil until the paper is totally separated. It will curl, but that's OK, it will be adhered to another piece of cardstock later.
  6. When stencil is removed, sprinkle on Cool Highlights and rub that in.
  7. Run white cardstock through the Cuttlebug with the D'Vine Swirl.
  8. Trim to size and layer the glitter art onto embossed white cardstock. Mount that onto Bazzill black cardstock the same size as the main card (which you can't see and is white).
  9. For the inset: Rubber stamp the trees (Inkadinkado-Trees & Leaves) with Versafine black and embossed with detail black on white cardstock.
  10. Trim, leaving a minuscule border of white, then layer that to the black Bazzill cardstock, then onto a piece of mat board to raise it from the card. (Yogi doesn't like using pop dots).
  11. Edged the mat board with a black Zig marker.
  12. Rubber stamped the "Silent Night" (Quietfire Design) with the black, and black embossed on pearlized white paper. Mounted to the black Bazzill.




2.Be Naughty

  1. Put a strip of 1.5"w tape in the 1/3 area of the front of your card. There are several ways to merge and blend colors, this is one of them: (Note: it's always easier to add more glitter than to take away. A little goes a very, very long way)
  2. Sprinkle with the orange (very similar to copper), gold, stardust and a bit of warm highlights between the colors, merge, blend. Watch how the colors are forming. Push a color into the area if it's not doing what you want.
  3. Burnish well. (Burnish by rubbing your fingertip in a circular motion over every inch of the glittered area until you see the shine and it feels like a baby's bottom.) Dump the mixed colors into a small container for backgrounds.
  4. Rubber stamp the image with the Versafine Black Onyx on the card so that you'll have the sprig detail after the next steps.
  5. Rubber stamp the quote with the black and clear emboss it. Note, try to use rubber stamp images that are simple in design.
  6. For experienced crafters: Put a piece of release paper on the back of Sookwang tape sandwiching a small piece of tape where my stamp was larger than my tape. (PS Yogi didn't have a wider tape or a sheet of tape at the time. Sigh!!)
  7. Stamp image with Staz-On black. Keep a Sharpie handy for when you accidently rub off the image.
  8. Cut out the main portion of the stamped image. Note: Always try to start from dark colors to light colors - plan your work. PS Reminder: don't put a lot of glitter down (you can always add more)
  9. For less experienced crafters: put your tape onto a piece of paper or cardstock and a piece of tape on the back, rubber stamp your image and cut out the main portion of the stamped image. I run my Sharpie over my stamped image on the release paper to make a thicker line so I can see where to cut to create an outline.
  10. With the x-acto knife, cut into the release paper making sure you don't cut through your tape and lower layers. Cut on the inside of the thicker Sharpie line to form a border or outline of your stamp.
  11. Remove the release paper of this outline. Sprinkle with the black glitter and burnish well. Wipe with a damp paper towel to remove excess glitter that wouldn't go back in the container. Your release paper has to be spotless or it will contaminate the rest of your design. Remove the release paper from the leaves and sprinkle green with touches of red. Yogi tries to always incorporate the colors from surrounding flowers or berries into the leaves. It unites them. Burnish well. Clean well.
  12. Remove release paper from the berries and sprinkle a touch of cool highlights and then some red. Burnish etc.
  13. Now comes the fun part for the experienced crafter, when you remove the release paper from the back, watch out - it will stick to anything. So carefully place it onto your card. For the less experienced crafter, there is no problems. Just remove the release paper from your paper or cardstock and place in appropriate area of design. So you ask, why don't the experience crafters do the same thing. Well a skin is almost invisible to detect, whereas the paper or cardstock will leave a step in the artwork.



3. Oh Santa

  1. Rubber stamp the Merry Christmas Snowflake randomly on the dark green cardstock with the VersaMark stamp pad. Heat set.
  2. Put release paper on the back of several pieces of double sided tape and used Nestabilities dies to create various sizes of rectangles.
  3. Trim so there is a border of cardstock showing through. Remove the release paper backing and adhere them to the card. See below for the layout.
  4. Remove the release paper from the central rectangle and sprinkled the cool highlights. Burnish really well. With a moist paper towel or Glitter Magnet, clean off all the surrounding area that wouldn't go back in the jar.
  5. Rubber stamp the holly with the gold pigment stamp pad, making sure to protect the surrounding cardstock. Thermal emboss with gold embossing powder.
  6. Over stamped the lower leaf and gold embossed a second time, giving it the thicker look. Be forewarned: Even though you burnish the glitter really well, there are still miniscule sections that the embossing powder will stick too. In this case I wanted some of the gold embossing to merge with my glitter. Otherwise I would have used clear embossing powder.
  7. Remove the release paper from the quote section, added the glitter and burnished etc as above.
  8. Rubber stamp the quote with the black Versafine stamp pad and clear embossed. Remove the release paper from the little rectangles, add and burnished glitter and color with the water media and a water brush.
  9. I used a green Tombow for the upper right and lower left, and a Sakura red Glaze pen for the upper left and lower left rectangles. I only put color along a portion of the edge and corner and then moved the color around with the water brush so that I would get definition and still keep the pure highlight color.
  10. PS: You can use other water media for similar effects It's a pity you can't see it in real life, because the glitter shines through the color and still sparkles.
  11. Trim the dark green card and mount it to the lighter textured card.


4. Spirit of Christmas

  1. Place a strip of 1"w Sookwang tape onto a piece of white cardstock. Draw design using a Sharpie black marker, then use an x-acto blade to cut design through the release paper WITHOUT going through the tape and cardstock.Remove the release paper for the red glitter first. Burnished well and clean off the strip really well with a damp paper towel or Glitter Magnet.
  2. Remove the balance of the release papers and sprinkle with "Cool Highlights".
  3. Trim the glitter art so there are nice neat sides. Set this aside.
  4. Create a background of holly leaves using the Quietfire Design Xmas/08 holly stamp by repeatedly stamping with Versafine Black Onyx and embossing with Judikins "Psychedelic". Do this all over the card front. Iridescent embossing powder would work just as nicely.
  5. Randomly rubber stamped the 3 different snowflakes (Quietfire Design Xmas/09) and gold emboss them.
  6. Rubber stamp the quote onto cream toned cardstock with Versafine "Olympia Green" and emboss with Pearl Green. Die cut this with the scalloped oval Nestabilities "Classic Scallop Oval Large" #S4-111. Die cut metallic green paper with "Classic Ovals Large" #S4-110.
  7. Mounted one onto the other. Adhered the candy cane strip, then the oval. Lay scrap holly leaf on top of the ovals.


You may see all these cards on Yogi's website with some additional images


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