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Monica Black

Hi Y'all, It's an honor to be a member of the Design Team for Quietfire Design. I live in the mountains of upper northeast Tennessee with my husband of 31 years and a houseful of cats and 2 large dogs outside (we rescue strays and drop-offs).

I've always done some sort of art or craft but when I discovered stamping in the mid 90's I was hooked.

Stamping has led me to altered books, mini-books, polymer clay and my latest facination, using beads and metals in my artwork. Everything I do includes stamps too.

I love to experiment and show others my results by teaching at cyberstampers.com. I haven't sent things in to magazines until very recently and was surprised to have one of my stamp and polymer clay pieces shown in Vamp Stamp News earlier this year. Other interests include reading and gardening.

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