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November 2006 - Issue 58


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Here is what's in this month's newsletter:

What's New?

Quietfire Design is now part of


What this means is that we'll be having chats and online classes in the near future! A huge thanks to Monica Black for her assistance in setting all this up!
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About Cyberstampers
Cyberstampers is an online "Mall". You can windowshop thru all the vendors by going to this link:
and clicking the arrows to see who's there. You can enter any website there. Or
to see what's current.
To join the chats and online classes you will need some Chat software. I have been using the mIRC software Cyberstampers recommends - for more information visit this link:
Don't be scared - it works really well! Hope to see you there.

The delightful Monica Black will be teaching an online class for me on
Cyberstampers on Saturday December 9,
10 p.m. Eastern Time.

At last!
Over & Under the Covers
is available!

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Sneak Peek

The Quote Marks!

Each set has 7 stamps;
5 quotations and 2 titles.
Use them to make sets of themed bookmarks or use them individually! The possibilities are endless!


The themes are









Angel By My Heart
Mini Book Pin
Bookbinding Kit

Perfect to make for a Christmas Gift - or for yourself - or give the kit as a gift!


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The byhandartists is a Yahoo group where we discuss all sorts of things related to paper arts! Get to know your fellow artists from all over the world!

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The Sale continues!

The Scor-it Board
10% off and the Stop Guide is included!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity! Click the link to read about it.

If you wish to contact me, my email address is:
Quietfire Design, Box 1231, Port Alberni, BC
V9Y 7M1  Canada

Suzanne is a member of the

Visit my little gallery page on the ISABA website!

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Please drop into my other website: It changes every month!

While you nourish your creative spirit by reading this newsletter, don't forget your creative body needs nourishment inside and out!


This is a great place to look for articles (or your favourite artist!) in past issues of byhand.

Search WWW



Site Siting

Recently Joe Pogan joined the byhandartists. When he told us what he did and showed us his website, well, we were blown away!

Joe Pogan Sculptures

You really have to see these sculptures up close, which you are able to do on Joe's website.
In his own words:

"I create animal sculptures using various "found metal" objects like old watches, sprockets, nuts and bolts. The stranger the piece of metal the better, since the end goal is an eye-catching, fascinating amalgamation of metal with odd nooks and crannies you can explore for hours."

Make sure you watch the video on his site!

Joe also has a blog well worth checking out!

Amazing! Thanks for sharing with us!



Visit the new
byhand Amazon stores!

Each purchase you make through this site helps to keep it going.
byhand Store
byhand Store

They're still in the "working on it" stage!

Visit the new


Alphabet Fat Book Swap

Our Hostess for this swap was Beth Akins and she did a marvelous job. Any undertaking this size requires organization and generosity and time. A huge thanks to Beth for putting this swap together - the results are fabulous!!

You, too can see all the pages - you'll miss out on all the detail and texture and ingenuity that each of the participants added to their pages, but you'll get the idea!

Grab yourself a hot drink and click here for a visual treat!



Books to Inspire

I usually review one book at a time, but if you want to be inspired, both these books are fabulous eye candy! Each of the authors are experts in their fields and have just the most exquisite taste. I could pour over these books for hours!

Pretty Little Things

by Sally Jean Alexander

Even if you never plan to solder anything, this book is a treat!

I met Sally Jean a few years ago when we were both in Nina Bagley's class at Artwerx.
Sally Jean's workshop product that weekend was delightful. She drew from her amazing collection of treasures to create things with humour and elegance.
You knew there was a wonderful talent in that corner of the room. We learned more as we saw (and purchased!) her quirky glass charms. Too much fun!
Sally Jean's book is loaded with great ideas whether you solder or not (and there are full instructions for how to solder). It's also a beautifully designed book (similar to Claudine Hellmuth's). There are lots of projects to keep you going and always with a little Sally Jean quirk! Happy reading!

Mixed Media Explorations

by Beryl Taylor

I'm sure you've seen Beryl Taylor's work. It's on the page you've suddenly stopped at in your random flipping through many magazines. Her work has that irresistible *something*. Beryl's way of assembling little bits and pieces and stitching them together show delightful attention to the details. It's easy to pore over one picture and see many things to inspire your own creations. And she knows how to combine colours.
Mixed Media Explorations is divided into sections of experimenting and design tips as well as fiber arts, where Beryl describes how she made some of her pieces. The last chapter showcases her gorgeous books.

The word delicious, springs to mind whenever I open the pages of Mixed Media Explorations.


Suzanne's Schedule


February 24 Victoria BC The Altered Book Project - Backgrounds Island Blue Print
February 25 Victoria BC Pipe Organ Binding Island Blue Print
April 14 Saltspring Island BC Artist's Journal in a Day Stitches Quilt Shop
April 15 Saltspring Island BC Fabric Ribbon Journal Stitches Quilt Shop
July 21-28 Shawnigan Lake BC The Altered Word Island Magic - The 27th International Conference for Calligraphers


To see a complete list (more or less!) of the classes Suzanne teaches, click here!

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Think Pink

Last month in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we had a Mingle with the theme of Think Pink. Each person on the list made one ATC and sent it on to the next person below them on the list.

Here are some of the wonderful creations!











Stolen Moments

All of the links in these articles should open a new browser window. When you are finished viewing the new page, just close the window and you'll be right back here!

The No Sew Journal of Gratitude

This little book requires no sewing and makes a perfect holiday gift! Click on the photo for complete instructions in the Projects Gallery.

The Kitties Card

Awwww. What a bunch of cuties! Make this card and its variation using your Scor-it board and the Just Cats die cuts. Complete directions are in the Projects Gallery.


In the Mail

Yogi RAK'd me with a Pink ATC from the Pink Mingle and this is the envelope it arrived in. Pretty cool, eh?



Artists whose work is shown in this newsletter retain the copyright on their own work.

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© 2006 Suzanne Cannon
This newsletter is for the personal use of the subscriber and may not be reproduced without written permission from Suzanne. You are welcome to email or print it in its entirety to share with friends, but ask that you include this copyright. Thank you for your help and your understanding.