Storing scrolls in ancient Rome from A History of Reading by Canadian author Alberto Manguel.
May 2001
This newsletter was designed by me, Suzanne Cannon, for my students and anyone else who might be interested!

Gentle Thoughts

When I stopped seeing my mother with the eyes of a child, I saw a woman who helped me give birth to myself.

Nancy Friday

Books to Inspire

A book that I find particularly fun to look at is Making Journals by Hand, 20 Creative Projects for Keeping Your Thoughts by Jason Thompson. I first learned of this book while at ABC2000 in Red Deer. Sherri Keisel, a wonderfully creative calligrapher from Texas, has an exquisite garden journal published in Making Journals by Hand. I actually got to hold her book and flip the pages. Yum!
Making Journals by Hand is not a book on bookbinding. It is more about art techniques used to decorated a journal. Many of the techniques shown in the book are not new, but the examples he has chosen to illustrate these techniques are downright marvelous! It is a collection of art done by extremely talented artists and don't forget or be too discouraged if your results are not quite the same as those shown!
Making Journals by Hand ISBN 1-56496-676-3

Classes Classes I am teaching this spring are
In Vancouver, B.C.

Artist Journal in a Day - May 26 at Paper-Ya
Journal in a Slipcase - May 27 at Paper-Ya

To register for the Paper-Ya classes call (604) 684-2531 or email them at

Note: after this session Paper-Ya will no longer be conducting classes. So sad!

I will still be teaching in Burnaby in the fall. The dates are not finalized yet, but there will be at least 2 Saturdays. One will be the Beginners Creative Bookbinding and the other will be a coptic-stitched book with a recessed panel on the front. If I can squeeze it in (!), I will offer Word and Pictures, which is the photo album class.
If you have any requests, let me know.

Here's a little more info about:

Artistís Journal in A Day - No Fear!
In creating, the only hard thingís to begin. -James Russel Lowell

Everyone needs a book of their own. Every artist absolutely needs a book of their own. A book to explore creativity, a book to share, a book that remains private, a place to keep everything together. Sometimes beginning a new book can cause great anxiety. Will my work be good enough for this beautiful book? This workshop guides you through the construction of the book and many exercises designed to spark your creative spirit, as you fill your book with drawings, collages, writing exercises and inspiration. Each participant comes away with their unique treasure; a book of their very own.

I am still working on updating my website for online ordering - yikes! Strains my brain!

Donald Jackson is the Queen's Scribe (note that he is not the only one who does work for Her Majesty!) and an extremely talented man. He has this humungous great commission to produce a bible. Check it out by clicking here.

Welcome to my online newsletter byhand! This is the second issue and I hope you find something to interest you.

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Here is a link to my website where you can check out my calendar page for upcoming classes and events. Hope to see you!
Quietfire Design
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It's my Cadavre Exquis!
Belle Papier Group
Jan. - Mar. 2001

The Cadavre Exquis was a round robin collage game, by the Belle Papier yahoogroup online. Each person created a background for their body piece or cadavre. I began by rolling colour on the background using a brayer with different coloured rubber stamp inks. Then I added a torn paper block body on which I lettered "cadavre" in gothic and handwrote "exquis". The background and body piece were mailed to the next person on the list (Eileen) and she had the choice of adding a body piece such as an arm or leg or head. Eileen then mailed it on to the next person who added another piece and so on until the Cadavre Exquis returned home complete - with an unexpected physique!
The final size of the background was 8 x 11 inches.

The players in this group were:
Suzanne - Port Alberni, B.C. - body
Eileen - Ashland, OR - head
Deborah - Ventura, CA- pencil arm
Justine - Elmont, NY - fibre & wire arm
Susan - Vida, OR- ribbon-wrapped leg
Tera - Layfayette, CA- tassel leg

I have put together some sewing cradles for sale. I have only taught one class in which we made these and I know some of you have been asking for them. They are not things of great beauty, but really, really functional. They are large enough to pierce an 8.5" spine length signature. They are $20Cdn and I'll include the shipping within Canada. Email me if you can't live without one!
Some of the subjects I will review next month will be tips for cutting bookboard and fun with wire. If there is any information you would like to see in this newsletter, let me know. Each month I will email you to let you know the new issue is published. If you know someone who would like to receive notice of byhand, just have them email me and I will put them on the list. Bye for now and thanks for visiting!

The original title lettering of byhand was done with a Mitchell's Roundhand Nib, size 0, and Higgins Eternal Ink.

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