Cutting Bookboard

Cutting bookboard can be a real challenge. I've used many tools, but the technique I use exclusively for cutting board of any thickness is shown here.

I use an O'Lipfa Ruler and a Rotary cutter on a large cutting mat. All these items come in a variety of sizes and the O'Lipfa ruler and Rotary cutter are available on this website for purchase. A small cutting mat is also available on this site, but you might want something bigger for home.


This is the O'Lipfa Ruler.
It's a tool I couldn't be without! This one measure 3" x 18" which is a very handy size to have and not too large to take to workshops

This fuzzy photo shows you the end of the O'Lipfa Ruler. This lip butts up against the edge of your cutting mat - or the side of your bookboard and gives you a 90° angle cut!

This ruler is great for cutting paper, too.



Don't use anything less than a 45mm Rotary cutter otherwise the nut that holds the blade in place will ride on the ruler and unscrew.




There are a few things to note. Make sure you have lots of room.

Mark where you want to cut - you don't have to mark the whole line. Butt you O'Lipfa ruler against the edge of the bookboard and hold firmly. Place your rotary cutter with the blade exposed against the bookboard and roll away from you. Repeat. Don't expect to get through the bookboard in just one cut.

Do your cutting standing up!!
This insures that you have your weight behind your cut

Don't allow your Rotary Cutter to tip side to side or you won't get a clean cut.

Happy cutting!



© 2006 Suzanne Cannon