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Working with 1/16" eyelets
(those tiny little critters)*

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Here are some tips for working with the 1/16" eyelets that will make your setting life easier!

  • pierce the hole for the eyelet with an awl
  • place the eyelet on the awl in order to position it in the hole
  • Center the 1/8" Eyelet Setter tip over the open end of the eyelet and give it a light tap with the hammer. This should start rolling the flange. You may have to use a couple of light taps until you see that flange forming.
  • Then tap directly on the new flange with the hammer. This technique will prevent the eyelet splitting and mis-shaping.

The dimensions for the brass 1/16" eyelets are shown in this diagram (in inches):


The dimensions for the long silver 1/16" eyelets are:


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