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Additional supplies:

  • Plain wood frame - outside dimension 7 " x 7 ", inside dimension 3 " x 3 "
  • Leafy stamp - Rubber Stampede
  • Distress Inks
    • vintage photo
    • walnut stain
    • bundled sage
    • tumbled glass
    • forest moss
    • broken china
    • antique linen
    • brushed corduroy
  • Pearl flourishes
  • Matte Medium
  • Jump Rings











Remove cardboard insert from frame and set aside.

Using the blending tool, ink front, inside edge and outside edge of frame with Vintage Photo. Dry with heat tool. Ink again with Vintage Photo. Dry with heat tool.

Stamp music on front of frame with Sepia in a pleasing pattern of your choice. Dry with heat tool.

Using the blending tool, ink outside and inside corners with Walnut Stain. Using blending tool, ink back of frame with Jet Black.

Cover one side of the cardboard insert with manilla cardstock. Cover the other side of the cardboard insert with black cardstock.

On the manilla side: Using a blending tool, ink paper with Antique Linen leaving it a little lighter in the center.

Stamp Hope Perches in the Soul in the center with jet black ink. Stamp leafy image around edges with Bundled Sage. Put piece in frame.

Die cut cage and bird from Grungepaper.

Paint cage silver - both sides. Emboss cage with Dot Matrix Embossing Folder.

Lightly ink over embossing with Jet Black and also with Walnut Stain. Cut away part of the 3 center bars of the cage and curl the tops up and the bottoms down as shown.

Apply 1/8" double sided tape to the back of outer rung on each side (left and right) and attach to the frame allowing the center to puff up a bit for dimension.

Color bird and wing with white ink. Dry with heat tool.

Color legs and branch with Brushed Corduroy and shade bottom edge with Walnut Stain. Color the rest of the bird and wing with Bundled Sage leaving some white in the belly area. Dry with heat tool.

Color head, along back, and top half of wing with Tumbled Glass. Dry with heat tool. Stamp leafy image on body of bird with Bundled Sage. Stamp music on wing of bird with Bundled Sage. Color back of bird and wing with Tumbled Tlass. Dry with heat tool.

Glue wing to bird with a scrap of Grungepaper in between for dimension. Curl tip of wing and tail. Add black dot for eye. Place in cage as shown using foam mounting tape, pop dots, or scraps of grunge to lift the bird off the frame.

Take a piece of Grungepaper large enough to stamp 3 butterflies on it. Using the blending tool, ink the front (smooth) side of the Grungepaper with white ink. Dry with heat tool.

Stamp 2 butterflies with Bundled Sage and 1 butterfly with Tumbled Glass. Dry with heat tool. Cut out butterflies with Tonic scissors. Ink the back of the butterflies with the same color as you stamped them (no white ink first).

On the front of the Bundled Sage butterflies add just a bit of Forest Moss ink along the outside edges. On the front of the Tumbled Glass butterfly add just a bit of Broken China ink along the outside edges. Color white pearls with Alcohol Ink and place on butterfly bodies.

Glue 3 Tim Holtz Corners onto frame as shown.

Place pearl flourishes onto frame as shown. To tone down the flourishes just a bit I lightly rubbed over them with Alcohol Ink (I had a piece of brownish/yellowish dried felt in the drawer with my alcohol inks and by just adding a bit of Blending Solution to it, it was just right to lightly rub over the flourishes toning them down without really adding color).

Glue butterflies to frame shaping (curling) the wings as you put them on.

Cut a piece of 13mm white silk ribbon. Rub ribbon with Bundled Sage and Tumbled Glass alternating colors, spritz with water so colors blend, dry with heat tool while scrunching ribbon. Weave ribbon through holes of cage and finish off with a bow. Trim and fray ends.


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